The Untainted Land

Edenin the isle of beauty, home to the elves and untouched by man. The elves live in harmony with nature here and are momentarily unperturbed by the folly of man. The isle itself is surrounded by water and elven outposts on nearby shores to ensure that no one encroaches on the peace and tranquility that is Edenin. Were it not for the wisdom of the druid elders and their guidance this land would have been plundered long ago by greedy dwarves or by ignorant humans. Only elves are allowed to set foot in this sacred place. Though they are isolated they are far from blind. They have eyes and ears in every land in the form of wandering druids, fleeting birds, swarming insects, schooling fish, and even the land itself.

They have one but law on Edenin, natures law… you may only kill to eat or to stop from being eaten.

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The Untainted Land

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The Untainted Land

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