The Magic City

The city of Barros also known as the Magic City, is a place of mystery and wonder. It is ruled by an elite class of mages who guide the people with reason and accommodate them with some of the basic comforts that only magic can provide. They are known as the Circle of Magi. It was established a millennia ago by the Elven Druidian Circle who did so to ensure that the secrets of magic would be safeguarded from those who would misuse its power and in the hopes that one day it might lead all the peoples of Kalakk to a brighter future. They maintain a strict no magic outside the city policy unless given expressed consent of the Mages Circle. All who do so without the aforementioned consent do so under pain of death by order of this council. There are currently ten seats in this council however one of them remains empty as it has been for nearly four-hundred years. Eight of these are meant for mages of the eight schools, one for a Cleric of Barronia the goddess of truth and justice from which the city derives its name and one for an ambassador of Edenin, home to the Druidian Circle on an isle to the far east.

The city is home to some of the strangest sights, sounds , creations (mechanical , magical or otherwise) ,creatures and people the world has to offer. There is a very complicated mixture of things that qualify as a population here. Every aspect of the city revolves around order and discipline. It rests upon a great cliff face high above the sea on the southwest edge of the continent. To its south is the sea and to the north and north west are a few towns for farming and fishing. Not only does this city boast to have the best magic but also the best ships and the finest sailors. Whether its the land, air or sea. They are responsible for growing most of the vegetables for the entire continent in addition to having the finest craftsman of any in the known world.

They also possess an underground arena grander then any coliseum, that is big enough to house the entire population of Barros with room to spare. It is used mainly for training the mages and clerics for the dangers of the world but every few years a great tournament is held to bring forth the greatest of all adventurers no matter their back round. The victor of such an event is crowned “The King of Games” and is given a magical house until the next tournament where they will have to defend their title or renounce their prize. In addition to this prize the winner will attain an item which he may keep indefinitely along with ten percent of the admission profits.

The surface of the city is divided into 12 districts which house the Temple of Barronia , the seven respective schools (one district for each) , one for the merchants , markets and tax collectors. The final one is the visitors district which used to be the district dedicated to the dark arts or “black magic” it is so often termed but was later renounced as only capable of doing evil and was cleansed from the city. About four-hundred years ago there was a great wizard known as Necronos who was expelled from the council when he went against there wishes to continue his quest for lichdom. In doing so he was banished from Barros. It was not long before he returned and beguiled the pupils of darkness with promises of power and immortality , which he used to wreak havoc upon the city and all therein. The battle lasted for many moons (a fort-night some say) before the clerics made a last ditch effort with the aid of a mighty conjuror to crush the army of undead that had taken two thirds of the city. A boy by the name of Goltar was summoned forth by Barronia to answer the prayers of her followers in conjunction with the window that was created by the conjuror’s ritual that she used to send him there. Everyone thought they were doomed when they saw the lone stupefied child that stood in the wake of the summoning spell that was supposed to be a beast of the infernal planes. “I don’t understand!?!” proclaimed the arch summoner " I completed the ritual perfectly?!?". the boy was confused as well until he was struck by a bolt of lighting that transformed him into a battling behemoth, that gave him the armor of a leviathan and the hammer of Barronia herself, which she was said to have used to judge the souls of the dead with.

He fell upon the ranks of the undead like a eagle does a mouse, smiting them with the power of a god and there was no way to stop it. Realizing this Necronos made a hasty retreat with a few of his loyalist followers and opened a dimensional doorway from which he swore he would return. “I shall see this city burn if it takes me until the end of eternity!!!” he screamed through the flames and carnage of battle that had pushed its way to his doorstep. He rushed through the portal and hurried to close it as the bulking figure smashed his way through the hapless undead at the barricaded door as if they were mere playthings in his hand. The behemoth dove through the portal feet first as it shrank , severing his hand and leaving it behind still clutching the hammer. Nothing was ever seen or heard from any that made the journey through the portal after that but that is when practicing magic outside the watchful eyes of the council became illegal.

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The Magic City

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