Orkoth and the Black Tower

Many claim to know sorrow but none know one so great as Orkoth the city of evil. Smoke plumes in the northeast of Kalakk continuously and storm clouds and lightning can always be seen over the Black Tower where in the ork King resides. It has been many years since the last great war and no one knows how much longer the evil of the east will bide its time. Orkoth has seen many wars and even more battles. It has seen destruction and been razed to the ground multiple times and still it stands. The orks have rebuilt her stronger every time… very little is known about orks besides their stubbornness and sheer tenacity and even less about Orkoth. The orks have always been thought to live in a feudal class system, where the strong rule and the weak serve. Eventually though someone either gets strong enough to kill the ruler or he becomes to weak to defend himself, in which case he is killed and replaced anyway. This goal usually fuels an ork’s ambitions and preoccupies him for most of his life, if he does not decide to become a marauder that is, but something has changed…

The orks no longer raid the country side in small rag tag parties or groups of fifty or so. They now strategize and lure people into traps or force them into ambushes instead of relying on their brute strength. This startling change in tactics must be the effect of some catalyst but what?

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Orkoth and the Black Tower


Orkoth and the Black Tower

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