Kern Hold

Kern hold a great and mighty city that is set into the centrally located northern mountain range known as the Cold Rift. It is carved completely of one mass of stone completely seamless in appearance. It is home to the worlds most skilled miners, masons, gem crafters, smiths of all kinds, mount trainers and steeds. The great city is populated mostly by dwarves but with a close second in humans. Other peoples live there to be sure but in far fewer numbers. Just to the south of Kern hold is much farmland that is continuously renewed each year by the heavy rainfall in the winters that pushes minerals and nutrients to the southern plains. These are irrigated by nearby lakes. They grow and export flowers,wheat, barley oranges, peaches and plums.

The city of Kern hold is ruled by none other then the dwarf King Valimus who is a very old and honorable dwarf of nearly four hundred years. He is responsible for resting the hold from goblin control with the help of his Silver Knights two and a half centuries ago during the aftermath of the One hundred year war. The Goblin King Rendus was a mighty foe whom was rather tall for a goblin 5’5". His goblins had lost the outer walls and were held up within the keep when Valimus lead the charge into the heart of the enemy stronghold wielding the Hammer of Goltar. With its awesome power he shattered the keep doors and felled countless waves of goblin foes before he and his Silver Knights delved the deep and found the throne room of evil. Filled with the bones of any and all who fell victim to the marauding goblins from years past. It was upon this mountain of bone where the Goblin King was killed but not without taking Valimus’s arm with a poisoned blade that later claimed Valimus’s eyesight as well.

So it was, that the dwarf became king and established his kingdom yet a evil shadow has been cast upon the kingdom of late. Crime runs rampant in the streets, opposing guilds are practically at war with each other on a daily basis, taint has begun to plague the water ways that give life to the crops and there is no end in sight. Not all is lost however, Garth the human High commander of the Silver Knights roots out all who would do evil in his city and will not hesitate to deal swift justice upon their heads should any resist his authority. He is a calm and collected commander with a great understanding of battle strategy and politics. He demands nothing less then the utmost respect for his king and his legion. He was hand chosen by Valimus himself to fulfill this duty and he has risen to the occasion and has more then proven himself to be capable to lead and to serve loyally. (Not bad for a twenty-six year old human)

The next most powerful person in Kern Hold is Hermala, high-priestess to Wingala the goddess of change and leader of the order of priestesses known as “The Wind Sisters”. Were it not for the influence of her graceful elven fingers and her voice through which Wingala speaks to the king and his people the city would have perished long ago due to stagnation. She is responsible for all the changes that take place within the Hold. Everything from architecture and business to spirituality must have her approval but the king may choose to over rule her at anytime. Her order is not only one dedicated to prayer and worship but also to steel. Every woman in the order receives special training to become an operative of stealth and espionage. They excel at information gathering, infiltration, interrogation, and when Wingala has need of it assassination.

Together the three of them hold Kern Hold steadfast but as the king nears his death his grip on the city wanes and so he seeks a worthy successor. One who is great in honor and in deed to take his mantle as… “Ruler of the Rift”

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